White Shoot | Process and Shoot Setup

My total budget for any shoot I do is usually pretty small – I build a lot of things myself, shop around at yard sales and thrift stores and scavenge through all the things I can’t bear to throw away because I KNOW I’ll find a use for them at some point. I spent around $50 on bought materials, and have been buying for the shoot since January.

Jordan, my photographic muse on so many occasions, endlessly amazes me with her patience (we shot for 13 hours) and ability to take direction beautifully. If you are interested in learning more about Jordan (who just graduated Auburn’s graphic design program with me, visit her website Six Even Design – she is also seeking employment, hint hint).


Jordan Before


The Marie Antoinette inspired wig was hand pieced using raw Corriedale wool and bobby pins. To achieve Marie worthy height of hair, I stuffed the wool form with polyfill stuffing.




studio setup

We shot the studio work at Biggin Hall on Auburn University’s campus in a painting room. Our backdrop consisted of shower curtains with many layers of twisted and crumpled tracing paper overlaid to add texture.


Unblended makeup. I used goose feathers on Jordan’s eyelashes.

costume check

Jordan After. The costume for the shoot was a ballerina costume that I bought at a local yard sale for a quarter.


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