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LiveSurface, where were you during my senior project?

LiveSurface has got to be one of the coolest design resources that I’ve been directed to in recent days. You can purchase an extremely affordable (usually under $30) hi-res Photoshop image template with a pre-masked, embedded 3-D surface. They’ve got everything from NYC style billboards, buses, to spray bottle and coffee packaging. Also, sign-up, get on their update list and you receive a free image.


I heart Moby & Moby hearts students


I’ve been a Moby fan since discovering him in 1996, when I first started getting into music. Recently with the redesign of his website he included a section of film music that is free to download and use for non-commercial and non-profit films, videos and shorts. It’s quick and easy to sign up for, and there are currently 64 tracks to choose from which range from 1 – 6 minutes in length. Find the music here.

I think this is such a great find – it’s inspiring work, and would be great to use for non-profit web or film work. I talked to a film professor at Auburn, Hollie Lavenstein, about the music offerings when I bumped into her at Target – she mentioned that it would be great resource for students because it’s sometimes really hard to find good music for their film projects.

Moby also offers licensing for people wishing to use the music for profit/commercial projects with all money generated being donated to the Humane Society. On his blog, Moby mentioned that such licenses will be affordable.