O Flora

O Flora Packaging

O Flora is a modern floral company that does local deliveries in urban areas. The packaging is intended to be practical for deliveries, yet also serve as gift wrapping. The pattern on the box bottom is intended to mimic stems with fresh color tones. I created a system of clear labels that can be written on for the packaging. Each label has a message and color that emotionally relate to one another. For example, the red label has the message “With Love”.

Air Moderno

Air Moderno Stationary Suite

This stationary suite was created for an identity project for a European airline based out of Italy. The airline has a modern aesthetic influenced by 1960s design. Colors for the project were inspired by the Italian flag.

Martin Venezky Poster

Martin Venezky Lecture Poster

Martin Venezky gave a lecture at Auburn University during the Spring of 2006. For this lecture, I collaborated with a classmate to create a poster for the event. We wanted to the poster to be inspired by his hands on approach of designing, so we physically pieced together post-it notes that we had transferred letters onto using a clear blender pen.

Emigre Poster

Emigre Japan Poster

This poster was designed to promote an Emigre Magazine a fake Emigre sponsored event. I created a Emigre business conference on International Business practices because after doing much research on Emigre I discovered that a large part of what they do is connect designers from all over the world. This poster was recognized with the award for Best Poster Design at the Auburn University Graphic Design Juried Student Show in the Spring of 2007.

Meg & Neal Wedding invitation    Meg & Neal Wedding thank you card

Meg and Neal wedding invitations and thank you notes

This wedding invitation and thank you card set was a freelance project that I completed during Summer 2006. The wedding had a bohemian theme, so I suggested that a floral etching in an unexpected color might be a fresh way to approach the design of the wedding invitations. I did all of the production on this project.


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